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To help and support children and their parents with the challenge to integrate Multiple Sclerose (MS) in their lives, we want to translate the book ‘Een Moeder vol Stoplichten’ in English. To fund the translation we are looking for a sponsor or partner interested in participating in this project.

For publication and promotion of the book in the English language market we are looking for a publisher based in the United Kingdom, the United States and/or Canada with a relevant portfolio and network. If you are such a publisher or in touch with one, please contact us.

Fiona Sie
e: info@moedervolstoplichten.nl
m: +31 6 23826343

United Kingdom
Gernot Klantschnig
e: ukoffice@moedervolstoplichten.nl
m: +44 7776 422833

United States and Canada
Lay Hooi Verkerk
e: usoffice@moedervolstoplichten.nl
m: +1 408 508 0323

About the book

Amelie’s mother is suddenly ill. And not just a bit. She has MS (Multiple Sclerose). Suddenly, she cannot make long walks any more and has to sleep all the time. Amelie doesn’t understand a thing about it. She only knows MS is a stupid disease. Sometimes it makes her angry and sad. And then she feels cheerful and happy, but can you do that when your mother is ill?

Nobody understands her, Amelie thinks. Also her father, brother and sister don’t understand what’s on her mind. Until she’s so angry, she takes her bike and cycles away. In the park she meets her old neighbour, with whom Amelie makes a plan. She will find a very smart medical specialist who will be able to help her mother. This will take her on an adventurous journey, during which she finds out MS cannot be cured. But you can learn how to live with it. And despite the disease, you can still enjoy life together, have fun and be cheerful!

Do you have a father or mother who has MS, or maybe a relative, friend or neighbour? And would you like to know more about it? Read Amelie’s story. And would you like to discover your own MS story, just like Amelie? Have a look at the puzzles and assignments in this book, that will help you to deal with your experiences. For example, you can write your own MS story to share with others or read later. Because just like Amelie found out, speaking with others about how it feels when your mum or dad is ill helps!

This book is for children between 8 and 12 years old.

Please, download here an English translation of the first two chapters of the book with some of the drawings from the book.

About the authors

Concept developer Fiona Sie, clinical psychologist and child and adolescent psychotherapist, was diagnosed with MS in 2013. She wanted to help her children, but could not find any useful books. So she made a book for children herself.

Author Beitske Bouwman is a Dutch novelist. Een Moeder vol Stoplichten is her first book for children. Her novel ‘Noem het Liefde’ (2010) was rewarded wit the ‘Publieksprijs der Brabantse Letteren’.

Illustrator Karst-Janneke Rogaar is a rewarded Dutch illustrator of successful books for children, such as Spinder by Simon van der Geest.


‘When patients are diagnosed with MS, it effects the whole family. People should use this book.’

dr. prof. Rogier Hintzen, MS-research institute ErasMS at Erasmus University Medical Center in Rotterdam, the Netherlands

‘A very beautiful and useful book!’

dr. prof. Leo Visser, MS-expert at the University of Humanistic Studies in Utrecht

‘Much praise for this wonderful book! Very appealing to children!’

Anite Neele, MS Nurse, Reinier de Graaf Ziekenhuis in Delft

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